The Australian Building Code Board keeps an eye on the safety, health, amenity and sustainability issues through the National Construction Code (NCC).

There are different set of rules for called NCC Volumes
NCC Volume 1: Consist the requirements for multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings and structures.
NCC Volume 2: Consist the requirements for residential and non-habitable buildings and structures.
NCC Volume 3: Consist the requirements for plumbing and drainage for all classes of buildings.

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The building developers have to comply with different kind of signage requirements such as:
1. Custom Door Numbers
2. Safety signs
3. Directory and Building signs
4. Fire Safety Door Requirements
5. Highly visible and should be easy to install

Fire hydrant boosterElectrical Mian switchboard

There are different types of Signs and Signage to be fixed on building doors.
1. Fire Door Signs
2. Electrical Door Signs
3. Garbage and Utility signs
4. Test and Booster Pressure Signs
5. Gas and Water Signs
6. Exit Signs
7. Braille and Tactile Signs – Accessible signs

The signs are made from varied materials and finish depending upon the choice.
1. Perspex
2. Stainless Steel
3. Aluminum
4. Allupanel

The building developer and/or architecture also has the choice of graphics such as
1. Printed
2. Engraved
3. Vinyl Lettering
4. UV Printed

To give an auspicious look of your building by keeping the regulation codes in check choose the right options for your building.

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