Going online ? – Pay attention on below points!!!

New to online business and internet?  Yes –  It’s bit difficult for the newbies to get foot into it, but once you master the art, sky is the limit.  The path of wantrepreneur to entrepreneur is now smooth with all the details and required information are accessible on internet.

Going online you give access of yourself and your business to the globe.  Anyone from anywhere can get in touch with you and you can get business from around the globe.

The new generation is smart enough and finds it very convenient in using their smart phones and gathering all the information on their palm and hence young and dynamic startups are using this platform very wisely and effectively to generate more foot falls.

Know your target audience, upfront:

Before making any moves to online, it is advisable to know your audience first.  So design and strategize your marketing blueprint accordingly.  Building your online reputation should be an essential point to be considered and hence knowing your customer’s needs would be decisive.  If you are moving in an e-commerce business for toys then your target audience is kids and not the grownups. So design your branding (logo), banners, website etc. related to kids.  In other words your website should speak in itself that your target audience is kids.

Be Aware of Online Scam:

Going online means increased traffic on website and increased chances of scams and cyber threats.   Hackers can hack your website and get your credit card and debit card details.  They can hack your bank details as well if you are using net-banking.  So be safe and have long and complex passwords if you are dealing with online transactions; however, these days banks and credit card companies are taking ample care of your personal details using secure SSL certificates and secure login applications.

It comes with the responsibility:

As soon as you go online, you are viewed by the world, so you have to be aware of the copyrights issues, trademark issues etc.  You should not copy the content of other popular websites as it will hamper your reputation.  You need to be ethical and anything goes on web which is unethical or illegitimate, will be very difficult to revert it.  The social media now a days are very fast and your reputation can be maligned in few seconds.  It can give fame and defame you instantly.  “So look before you leap.”  Cross check and double check your contents on the website.  Double check your logo, images.

Going online is advisable, but mistakes are evitable! Go slow go safe!