Every business small, medium or large needs to showcase his products and to show that it requires banners, posters, mural, roll-ups wallpapers etc.  These are the samples of wide format printing, also known as large format printing or grand printing.

Wide format printing is one of the oldest and the basic mode of advertising to display your brand and your product.

Below are the few examples of wide format printing:

  1. Corflute Printing
  2. Event Announcements.
  3. Large Wall Decals
  4. Wallpapers
  5. Store Banner Displays
  6. Promotional Signage
  7. Standees
  8. Rollup
  9. Yard signs


corflute printing



Compared to small advertising modes such as business cards or flyers, the wide format printing gets more attention as it has bigger and wide look and reaches.  As a businessman, you can display more products with bigger and large content.  The branding of your business is also far larger and wider compared to small posters.

Printing Process and Pigments:

The process of printing is similar to that of digital printing that is the ink is directly applied to the printing material.  It is printed on the top-quality machines using CMYK colour combinations.  The ink used is UV ink generally.   The reason for using UV ink is because they are fade resistant and are best for outdoor promotions such as banners, corflute signs etc.

Wide Format Products and Their Uses:

  1. Corflute Flatbed: Scratch resistant and bright in colour with high quality.  Printed directly on the material using UV ink. Perfect for the business advertisement for indoor and outdoors.
  2. Wallpaper and Graphics: Repositionable and fade resistant. Printed on sticker papers.  Great for wall décor.  Gives your wall an awesome look.
  3. Alupanel Signs: Waterproof material printed with high resolution.  Best for both outdoor and indoor advertising.  Long-term to medium term use.

alupanel printing


Each business needs advertising and wide format printing is the best way for outdoor.  It is cost effective and caters larger audience.  Give more room for display and creates branding.